10 minutes daily resulted in +300k impressions with a +4% engagement rate and 1200 followers over a few months

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Writing is an art, but it all boils down to efficiency at some point

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Perfectionism is a very common and serious problem

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So-called ‘success’ is a disaster of our times

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It doesn’t hurt when you accidentally hit the wall

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We all suffer from writer’s block sometimes

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Personal Growth

Chess is life in miniature — Garry Kasparov

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There is a clear line between knowledge and wisdom

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Based on five years of experience

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Personal Growth

It’s better to put the ego aside and study others’ good behaviors.

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Do not be jealous of others’ good qualities, but out of admiration, adopt them yourself.

Jake Mura

Spent most of the time thinking about life, and now just lives. Fan of Freedom and Independence. Newsletter: http://bit.ly/JaNew Twitter: jakemurasz

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